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Posted: 2006-12-18

1.  What is AISIS?

The Ateneo Integrated Student Information System (AISIS Online) is the portal for Ateneo students, faculty and staff.  Through the AISIS Online, officially enrolled Ateneo students may view pertinent school information including their IPS, grades, class schedules and the like.  Students may also eventually enlist using Aisis Online.  Ateneo faculty and staff with access to AISIS, on the other hand, may submit grades and access their class schedules from outside the campus. 

2.   I am an officially enrolled student of Ateneo.  How do I access AISIS?

To access AISISOnline, make sure that you have activated your account.  (How?  See FAQ#4)  Click on the Login link in the AISIS Portal.  Enter your username and password to enter AISIS.      

3.  I am a faculty and/or staff of Ateneo. How do I access AISIS?

Faculty and staff of Ateneo with valid accounts may login Aisis Online by clicking the Login link in the AISIS Portal.  Enter your username and password and click Login to enter AISIS Online.  To request for user accounts, please contact your department secretary. 

4.  I am an officially enrolled student of Ateneo.  How do I activate my account?

Enrolled students in Ateneo may activate their account by accessing the Account Activation page of the AisisPortal.  You will need your Student ID and your previous semester’s Tuition Receipt to activate your account.  For multiple payments, we will need the receipt of your first payment.  Be ready to supply a password as well.  The details that you entered will be validated using your Ateneo records.  Once validated, you will receive an email from the administrator that your account has been activated.   

5. I am a faculty and/or staff of Ateneo.  How do I request for an AISIS Online account? 

Please contact your department secretary for your AISIS Online accounts. 

6. I keep getting an error/blank page when submitting my Account Activation request.  Who can I contact?

For any errors encountered, please contact the MIS Helpdesk at 4266001 local 5171 and 5175. 

7. I received an email saying that my Account Activation request has been denied.  What do I do?

Make sure that you input correct information in your request.  You may retry requesting for an Account Activation online, or if you think some of your Ateneo data is incorrect, please contact the Registrar's Office at 4266001 local 5130 to 5139, 5146, 5147 to update your information.   

8. I lost my Tuition Receipt.  What do I do?

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 4266001 local 5139 / 5146 / 5147. 

9. I forgot my AISIS password.  What do I do?

Click the Forgot Password link on the Aisis Portal page.  Supply the necessary information.  Your password will be emailed to you within the next working day. 

10.  My Request for Password was denied.  What do I do?

Make sure that you selected the same secret question that you selected during Account Activation.  The answer should also be the same as the one you supplied during Account Activation.  You may also try requesting for a password again online.

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