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Online Enlistment Guidelines
Posted: 2006-12-18

1. When will I be officially registered in the Loyola Schools?

Whether through regular or internet enlistment, registration becomes official after the following processes are completed:

A. Enlisting in classes

B. Assessment and payment of tuition fees

C. Loyola Schools ID validation


2. How do I enlist online?

To enlist online, you must have an AISIS account. Log on to AISIS then click the Enlistment link to proceed with your enlistment.

Enlistment is done by batching. A student can only enlist on his/her designated schedule.

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully after clicking on ENLIST IN CLASS link.

3. Why can't I access or log on to AISIS?

A.     You must first have activated your account. During enlistment dates, you must be logged on during the time specified for your year level and batch.

B.      Students on a Leave of Absence (LOA) or those Honorably Dismissed (HD) have no access to Aisisonline.

4. Why can’t I enlist in a class?

A.     Students with Hold Orders are prevented from completing their enlistment, making changes in their enlistment and proceeding to assessment.

B.      Aisisonline will be available during the online enlistment period only.

5. What subjects should I see on my Enlistment page?

A.  Subjects advised to be taken for the semester as indicated on your Individual Program of Study (IPS)

B. Back subjects

6. Why isn't a class reflected on my Enlistment page? What do I do if this happens?

The following cases will result in subjects NOT being reflected on the Enlistment page?

A.  A prerequisite subject has not yet been taken or passed. For example, you may have enlisted in Ph102 but if you failed Ph101 your temporary enlistment in Ph102 will automatically be deleted even if Ph102 is advised.

B. The subject has already been taken. Major and Free electives must be subjects other than those already taken and must have the same units as advised.

C. The class is tagged. Students can only enter a tagged class if they are qualified to take the class.

D. The class is Restricted. Only pre-enlisted students are in Restricted Classes.

E. The class is not offered for the semester even if the student has been advised.

F. The number of units is beyond the maximum load prescribed in your curriculum.

     For B,E, and F, please contact your home department.

7. Why can't I modify some of my classes?

You can't modify your enlistment in a pre-enlisted class.

8. What are paired classes? How do I enlist in them?

Paired classes are two subjects that must to be taken together. Students will be automatically enlisted/delisted for both classes.

9. I have a NATSCI back subject. When can I enlist for it?

You can enlist for a NATSCI back subjects on ALL YEAR LEVEL Registration Day at your respective enlistment venues.

10. I can't enlist in my desired Major Elective. What does this mean?

Major Electives are defined for each curriculum. Additional Major Electives must be approved by ADAA. Only major electives that are offered will be reflected in online enlistment.

11. Until when can I change my enlisted classes online?

You can change your classes until the last day of your online enlistment schedule.

12. What if I still want to change my classes after the last day of my online enlistment schedule?

If you haven't paid for your tuition or been assessed in school, you can still change your enlisted classes on your respective registration dates and ALL YEAR LEVEL REGISTRATION.  After payment, all further changes must be done through load revision. 


13. I'm done enlisting in all my classes, why can't I assess?

A. Students cannot assess if they are still temporarily enlisted in at least one class.

B. You might have a Hold Order. Make sure to clear and lift it at the concerned departments as soon as possible.

14. When can I pay?

After printing your Tuition Assessment Form, you can proceed to the cashier. After payment, changes in enlisted classes must be done through load revision.



15. Are the class schedules in AISIS final?

Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate changing a class schedule, classroom assignment or dissolution of a class even during enlistment. This may result in an unexpected change in your schedule such as conflicts in classes or an underload.

You are advised to log on to AISIS regularly to be aware of any changes in your enlisted classes. Kindly check class schedules on as well.


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