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Optional Midterm Course and Faculty Evaluations for Undergraduate Classes for the First Semester, SY 2019-2020
Posted: 2019-09-24

TO        :    All Undergraduate Students

FROM      :    Dr. Josefina D. Hofileņa Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT     :     Optional Midterm Course and Faculty Evaluations for Undergraduate Classes for the First Semester, SY 2019-2020

This is to remind all undergraduate students of the course and faculty evaluations conducted by the Loyola Schools. Please note that:

  1. These evaluations are held twice in a semester (optional midterm evaluation conducted by some departments/programs during the 8th-9th week of the semester; and the required end-of-semester evaluation during the 15th-18th week of the semester) and once in the Intersession (required end-of Intersession evaluation during the 5th-6th week of class).

  2. Undergraduate students may accomplish their evaluations using the paper-based form, as a class during class hours. However, students may also accomplish their evaluations online by logging on to (click on: Course and Faculty Evaluations).

  3. For evaluations conducted in the classroom, students should not leave the room while the evaluation is going on. If a student needs to step out, he/she should first accomplish the evaluation and submit this to the office staff before leaving the room.

  4. The evaluation process is one means by which students can reflect on their own learning experience while providing feedback on the courses they are taking and the faculty members who handle these courses.

  5. Faculty members use the feedback to determine both what they are doing well and how they can improve course content, teaching methodology, course requirements and assessments.

  6. The data from student evaluations are also used by department chairs/program directors and peer evaluators to review faculty members for permanency, reappointment, and promotion.

  7. Students are expected to use appropriate language in accomplishing the qualitative section of the form. Comments and suggestions should be constructive, i.e., these comments should be meant for improving the teaching and learning experience.

  8. Student responses are anonymous. Faculty members only receive a consolidated report of the evaluations. The consolidated results of the optional midterm evaluations are made available after the 10th week of class (i.e., after the release of Freshman advisory marks). The consolidated results of the required end-of-term evaluations are made available after the electronic release of final grades.

     Click here for the memo.

Comments and suggestions about the student evaluation process may be sent to

Thank you very much.

     cc: VPLS, Deans, Department Chairs/Program Directors, Registrar, OMIS Director, Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila
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