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Requests for Reinstatement and/or Extension for First Semester of School Year 2019-2020
Posted: 2019-06-21


TO:    :    All Graduate Students of the Loyola Schools

FROM   :    Joaquin Julian B. Agtarap, MBA
           School Registrar
           Officer-in-Charge, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs


In keeping with the academic regulations provided in the Loyola Schools Graduate Student Handbook (2013 Edition), graduate students are reminded of the following:

Part 5, Section I. Rules on Leave of Absence
Students who wish to separate themselves from the Loyola Schools for a semester or more must file a request for Leave of Absence at the Office of the Registrar every semester, duly approved by the Department Chair/Program Director.

Part 5, Section J. Rules on Time Limit in the Loyola Schools

All work for the master’s degree must be completed within five years from the date of the first enrolment for the degree. All work for the Ph.D. and “summers only” master’s degrees must be completed within seven years from the date of first enrolment for the degree.

In view of the above academic regulations, students are reminded to accomplish the following procedures prior to registration period:
1. Request for Reinstatement if they were unable to enroll at the Loyola Schools for at least two consecutive semesters without an approved Leave of Absence.
2. Request for Extension if they have exceeded/are about to exceed the time limit to complete degree program and have not been given FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE deadlines to fulfill program requirements.

For the First Semester of School Year 2019-2020 registration, all requests for Reinstatement and/or Extension will be accepted only until Saturday, 29 June 2019.

Below is the procedure for filing of requests for Reinstatement and/or Extension:

Processing time is at least 7 working days. Students should complete the process within the designated deadline for each term/semester: Intersession - last workday of April; First Semester -last workday of June and Second Semester - last workday of November
  1. Student secures a copy of Request Form for Reinstatement/Extension from the Office of the Registrar at the Ground Floor, Social Sciences Building. Student fills out and submits the form to the Registrar.
  2. Registrar evaluates the records of the student and enters pertinent information on the form. Registrar attaches copy of student’s AISIS grades and Individual Program Study.
  3. Student proceeds to his/her Home Department and obtains a copy of his/her Plan of Study duly signed by the Graduate Programs Coordinator or Chair and/or Thesis Adviser (if student is already in Thesis/Dissertation Writing stage) for the remaining program requirements and secures endorsement of the Department Chair.
  4. Student forwards endorsed form to the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (OADGP) for final decision.
  5. If request is approved:
    • 5.1 OADGP issues charge slip for payment of Reinstatement and/or Extension fee
    • 5.2 Student pays the fee at the Cashier, presents the Official Receipt to OADGP and claims the approved form.
    • 5.3 Student submits the approved form and plan of study to the Office of the Registrar for implementation of decision and monitoring of set conditions.
    • 5.4 Student distributes the rest of the copies.
  6. If request is not approved, student applies for Transfer Credentials with the Office of the Registrar.

Please be guided accordingly.

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