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Posted: 2018-05-22

An appeal for probation may be filed when a student did not obtain the required QPI for his/her year. Students who intend to apply for probation must submit a duly accomplished Appeal for Probation form and a letter of appeal to the Standards Committee (through the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs).

For unconditional promotion to sophomore year, a freshman should secure a year’s QPI of 1.80 or above at the end of the second semester of the academic year. The required year’s QPI at the end of the second semester of sophomore year for eligibility for junior year is 1.90.

The required year’s QPI at the end of the second semester of junior year for eligibility for senior year is 2.00.

The required year’s QPI for seniors for eligibility for graduation is 2.00.

Students are reminded that it is the year's QPI, and NOT the cumulative QPI, that is the basis for eligibility for graduation or promotion to the next year level.

A student may be granted probation only once during his/her entire stay in the Loyola Schools. No second probation is given.

Students who were readmitted, came back from Leave of Absence, or were allowed to finish their course requirements must meet the required QPI stated in their signed condition letter.

The deadline for submission of the appeals for probation for those who intend to enroll in the Intersession Term 2018 is on Wednesday, 30 May 2018.
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