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Student Information Procedures during Online Enlistment
Posted: 2015-12-18


The Ateneo Integrated Student Information System (AISIS) has upgraded features to ensure that all necessary student information is provided and accurate.  This is a reminder to all students to take the time to completely and accurately accomplish the Student Information form on your AISIS accounts during online enlistment.  You may experience some delays if you do not fill in all of the required fields for your student information.

It is very important for the Administration to get in touch with you on certain occasions.  Your current and accurate information is needed to keep you abreast of events, deadlines, academic concerns, emergencies, and other urgent matters.

It is also important that we have current and accurate contact information of your parents or, in their absence, your guardians.  Their contact information should be distinct from your own contact information.  This is to enable the ADSA to access your Emergency Contacts to ensure your safety and welfare during emergencies.

We are counting on your full cooperation and compliance.  Thank you.

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